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Business Planning & Transactions

We understand the importance of effective business planning to consolidate hard won successes and minimize the negative consequences of business challenges. We represent businesses in all stages of development to ensure that their property and their interests are protected regardless of what the future may bring. Growth, sale, retirement and other significant events in the life of your business require careful analysis and preparedness. We can help.

Wherever you may be in life cycle of your business, effective planning can get you to the next stage with greater chances for success. By building upon our experiences, we can help you create a plan that works for your business — whether you are working to expand, acquire, sell, or maintain it in difficult conditions. You will get the advice and support you need to implement an overall plan and be armed with tools you use everyday.

Many of the legal considerations for business planning focus upon minimizing risk; success is often predicated on the mistakes you avoid rather than on any one big achievement. With effective business planning, you can help ensure that your business is as prepared as possible. The kinds of issues and risks you will want to explore with us include:

  • Selecting a workable entity or optimizing the current entity
  • Preparing taxation strategies
  • Understanding and complying with all regulatory obligations; licensure
  • Formalizing and organizing vendor and customer contracts
  • Implementing accounting practices to better run your business
  • Controlling land, buildings and equipment to run and expand your operations
  • Organizing shareholder, director and officer relationships and liabilities

Some other services you will want to consider include:

  • Developing legally sound employment policies, to reduce the risk of future employment litigation or regulatory enforcement
  • Preparing non-compete and confidentiality agreements to protect your trade secrets and goodwill
  • Negotiating licensing agreements; protecting intellectual property and avoiding copyright or trademark infringement
  • Drafting legally sound contracts, leases and planning documents to help you steer clear of avoidable disputes and order your affairs
  • Preparing, reviewing or revising loan documents, credit applications and credit agreements to help solidify your position
  • Reviewing business plans, sales materials, web site and social media
  • Assisting with financing, including SBA, HUB, and treasury management
  • Preparing for a transition including sale, merger, offering or liquidation

You will be pleased with our value proposition billing with two options – flat rate per representation or monthly flat rate contract services. No hourly billing allows you to budget for your planning needs and eliminates overruns.

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