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Guardianships can be established for a person of any age who cannot care for themselves, such as individuals with acquired brain injuries, paralysis or Alzheimer’s disease and is incapacitated under Texas law.

p>The legal procedure and process for obtaining a guardianship for a loved one can be difficult and time consuming. We guide you through the application process and all of its requirements starting with all of the evidence necessary to prove the need for a guardianship, qualification for the financial requirements and offering proof of the budget required to care for the ward. The process requires a physician’s letter of incapacity, the appointment of an attorney ad litem, who will represent the legal interest of the incapacitated person, a hearing before a judge to qualify you as guardian. Normally a bond is also required from you.

Establishing a guardianship is first portion of the process of providing care an incapacitated person needs. Yearly, the guardian must prepare and file the court a report on the condition of the ward and an accounting that details all of the expenditures made for the ward and the condition of the property of the ward. These requirements are complicated and detailed but we can help.

Some of the assistance we can provide includes:

  • Establishing guardianships and all that entails
  • Preparing applications and obtaining court orders for all of the transactions required during the year for the ward’s affairs
  • Preparation and submission of the annual reports to the Court
  • Compliance with all of the laws and duties relating to the guardianship

We can help you successfully navigate the difficult regulatory web that surrounds guardianships in Texas, so that you can help your loved one.

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